25. März 2022

Ginger Turmeric Latte

Ginger Turmeric Latte

Warm through the winter - with Straight Forward

Recipe and pictures by Anna Sophie Gottwald

Warms from the inside: the Ginger Turmeric Latte is a perfect drink for the cold season. Prepared with the Ginger Turmeric Straight Forward Shot. The combination of ginger and turmeric is fresh and invigorating. The Straight Forward Shots are rich in vitamin C, serve as an energy booster and boost our immune system. You can find out how versatile the ginger shots can be used in our blog post Meet Liberta Haxhikadriu. In this recipe, it is brewed with hot milk. A ginger turmeric latte not only warms you up on cold days, but can also replace a coffee in the morning. The ahron syrup gives the drink a special sweet note.


300 ml plant drink (e.g. oat milk)

1 ginger-turmeric shot

1 tsp maple syrup

For the preparation, heat the ginger-turmeric shot and the milk in a pot or in the microwave. Then whip with a milk frother and pour into a cup. Sweeten with maple syrup if desired. You can then sift some turmeric powder over the turmeric latte and enjoy fresh. Both ginger shots and the rest of our assortment can be found here.