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Protein Bundle

Introduce our specially crafted selection of delicious ready-made bowls into your life. Filled with the highest concentration of vegetables and essential macronutrients. Give your metabolism a natural spring awakening boost! 

Now with free shipping and one bowl for free.

Pay 8, receive 9!

Bundles are not available in the subscription

€69,42 €77,41

€1,91 per 100g incl. VAT, incl shipping

Free shipping (5,99€ off)

30 days money-back-guarantee

Fit up to 9 bowls in a regular freezer

Improved digestion

More energy

Metabolism boost

Higher focus

Better Sleep


All the benefits with no compromise.

100% natural:
Exciting recipes meet natural ingredients for an unforgettable flavour experience.
Valuable and functional nutrition completely without additives.

Flexible and sustainable:
Our meals are delivered directly to your door in renewable packaging.
Prepared in a pan in just 10 minutes.

Wholesome, vegan nutrition:
All of our meals are made from plant based ingredients for a healthy and energising flavour experience

Known from

Real customer stories

Real customer stories


"It started with a search for a reliable caterer that offered healthy meals. The second requirement was a food provider who could cover flexible and differing working hours. Since finding Every. everyone is satisfied, happy and fitter."

Carola, 59

"Every. offers the opportunity to eat well, and spontaneously, with an exciting variety of meals. We've been loyal Every. customers for about a year now, so it's no longer a "phase". After eating, we feel great because Every. doesn't give you the feeling that you've overeaten, yet you didn't have to miss out on anything. Quite the opposite in fact"

Bastian, 33

"I don't enjoy cooking and I also don't have much time. However, I still want to eat well, which is how I found Every. It's an amazing solution when I come home feeling tired. All I have to do is select something from my freezer and heat it up. It doesn't get any easier than that! The meals are extremely delicious and taste like I made them myself!"

Lilian, 57

Here's how Every works

Choose your products

Choose from our selection of delicious, plant-based products.

Freshly cooked for you

Our products are developed by nutritionists, frozen for freshness and prepared for your enjoyment.

Flexible delivery

Comfortably select your preferred delivery date. Your box will be delivered to your door frozen.

Heat and enjoy!

Ready in under 10 minutes. Simply heat in a pan, pot or microwave.

Explore the menu

Discover all the Every. categories to upgrade your healthy routine.

New in

Rice & Risottos

Pasta & Noodles

Curries & Dals

Buddha Bowls


Soups & Stews




Good to know

The boxes are quite compact (17cmx14cmx5cm). 6-8 boxes will fit into a small freezer compartment in a normal fridge. If you have an entire freezer drawer, 12 boxes will fit easily. If you’ve got limited space available, you can also keep the boxes in the fridge for two days and eat them right after. Don’t refreeze them after they’ve thawed.

We ship within Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark. We deliver directly to your home or office (not to packaging stations). The products are packed with compostable isolation and dry ice to keep them frozen during transport. They will arrive the latest in the evening on your chosen delivery day. Please put them in the freezer once you receive them. In Berlin, we have a special service and deliver within a two hour time frame.

You’ll receive detailed tracking information regarding the delivery of your package, including a specific time frame. In case you can’t be there to receive your package, you can issue a drop-off permit or have a neighbour accept the package for you. The only important thing is that you put the products in your freezer in the evening.

We accept almost all credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, Klarna, instant transfer and direct debit.

Each product is ready in just under 10 minutes. You’ll find specific instructions on the back of each package or on the product listing on our website.